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In today's dangerous society, the need to be able to defend oneself is an essential part of everyday life. Rising crime figures - particularly those relating to violence such as assault, mugging and rape mean that if you don't want to become "just another statistic" - you need to be able to defend yourself.

Unfortunately, most self defence courses being taught are outdated and impractical. What is needed is a system of self defence that is effective on today's streets. A self defence system that has been tried, tested and refined in actual confrontations.

We are offering such a self defence system. One that has proven highly effective in many real life situations.The system is based on the Yellow Dragon Fist Kung Fu syllabus. This was created by Sifu Simon Wong - a 7th Degree Black Sash with the AMA - after many years of martial arts and combat experience.

self defence training
womens self defence training
womens self defence training

The self defence syllabus incorporates the use of pressure point, joint manipulation and strikes delivered to vulnerable areas of the body to incapacitate any attacker.

All of these self defence techniques are simple to learn but highly effective, ensuring that they can be applied in any self defence situation.

By completing the course you will have the confidence and skills to effectively defend yourself.

The self defence courses are run at our headquarters in central London. For group bookings we can conduct the training in your local area or premises.

We also run self defence courses for schools, colleges, universities, clubs, women's groups etc. at preferential rates.

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